Services Across the Spectrum

My ever-evolving suite of services always involve some combination of writing, technology and concern for the environment. 

Technical Writing

20 years of writing about technology and software has given me the ability to jump into very complex situations and then quickly produce quality deliverables. Now with a focus on green technologies.

Marketing Writing

Since I get to intimately know the technical product or service you are offering, it is only natural that I can perform marketing writing and related tasks for it. My growing knowledge of sustainability issues is another skill I bring to the content mix.

Web Design

I focus on WordPress to bring you content-rich websites inline with the rest of your technical and green messaging. I can also host your website myself using Docker and Digital Ocean, and perform other related services.


Besides over twenty years in the media and technical communication field, I have acquired many content related skills through my expansive reading and interest across genres and disciplines. I have already consulted with a variety of companies and professionals, let me help you too.

Versatility to Change is Key

Multi-skilled Green Technologist

I started out basically editing a college newspaper using Adobe Pagemaker, and progressed to hosting websites in complex configurations using Docker and DigitalOcean, and writing on a wide scope of technical content, often in structured formats like DITA on up to 10,000+ page doc sets. I now am dead set on focusing these acquired and developing skills exclusively to green tech companies, NGOs and other related groups looking to an optimistic future where we could look to mitigating climate change at a civilizational level.