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What is the process of working with Green Tech Writer?

You can contact me to discuss your project via the form on this page or contact information provided. We can go over your project and then I will propose deliverables, cost estimates, and a time frame.

What if my company is not necessarily green-oriented, will Green Tech Writer still do some work for me?

I have worked for many types of companies and organizations in the past but would like to focus on green technology. However, you never know, so hit me up if you have an idea of how we might work together.

Does Green Tech Writer do volunteer work?

Absolutely. Stay tuned for a whole volunteer page coming soon. In the meanwhile feel free to contact me if you need some writing done for a worthy cause, preferably green-related.

What payment method does Green Tech Writer accept?

I only accept PayPal. Let us discuss this as we scope out the work, no worries.

What kind of subject matter does Green Tech Writer cover?

For now I am specializing in computer software and hardware, and related products and services, which are meant for a green agenda. I will be expanding my environmental scope in the coming days.

What technical communication methods does Green Tech Writer use?

I am very well schooled in Adobe FrameMaker and structured writing, but can pick up any-most-tool if given a bit of ramp up time. I also use Adobe CS, Docker, Digital Ocean, Linux, WordPress, and other specialized tools and methods.

"Jonathan does technical writing and translation but can also write general technology articles. He even wrote a book on Technology in Montreal, where he is covering video games, artificial intelligence, post-production, bio-tech, etc. He can also run into some more small translation jobs too. He is learning to Podcast! And also doing WordPress websites, some bilingual. He is meticulous, very professional, very easy to work with and most importantly very knowledgeable. We worked together on an instructions manual for a Moment Factory software. His guidance, computer-related knowledge and enthusiasm about this domain were certainly very useful to guide me to translate the document. I highly recommend Jonathan!"

Franck Bélanger, Translator-Traducteur​