Jonathan Wexler


I have been a technical writer for over twenty years. I worked primarily at software development companies documenting their products, producing user and admin guides, user interface text, online help, accompanying marketing material or multimedia content. I am now fully focused on green technology, whether at commercial businesses, NGOs, or other green organizations. I bring the technology and writing skills to your technical communication problems in service of our collective earth and organizational or individual goals. 


Early Writing and Journalism

After a brief stint in pre-med at the college level, I found the beginnings of my true calling in the Creative Arts program at Montreal’s Dawson College. There I rose to co-editing their college newspaper serving a 10,000+ community for which I won the biggest award in the college on account of my service. I continued to write articles in many papers in my subsequent education at McGill and Concordia Universities.

After, I worked producing and writing public interest television shows seen on PBS and the CBC across North America, a very small sampling I was able to preserve from the now defunct production company World Affairs Television:

Beginnings in Technical Communication

I began my technical writing career at a small Web 3D company called MindAvenue. The company was founded largely by famed ex-Softimage employees in the production demi-monde as I recount in Montreal in 3-Dimensions. I cut my teeth technical writing there, and progressed eventually to the big leagues of the Advanced Systems team at Autodesk Media and Entertainment working on the compositing and finishing heavyweight tools Flame and Smoke. Incidentally, I was the technical writer tasked and awarded for my service during the division’s most serious technical challenge.

From there my experience diversified into digital music, physical security, telecommunications, and many other domains. For a fuller recounting see my legacy website Montreal Tech Writer.

Over a twenty year career in software development and production, I picked up some useful skills I am now offering to green companies and organizations.

  • Technical Writing
  • Technical Editing and Indexing
  • Localization
  • Website content and design
  • Consulting on software and hardware with green implications

"You’re the best writer I’ve ever worked with..."