Technical Writing Services for Green Companies

Providing technical writing and related services for companies and other organisations for over twenty years


We are Building the Future

Computer software, technology, and similar domains often did not take environmental concerns into account. Until now. Due to climate change everything we do must be measured against its environmental impact. This is the only way to ensure a better future for our children while preserving and growing our businesses.

Effects of Climate Change

The effects of climate change are all encompassing. No matter the business you are in, you need to be greening to survive.

Technological Change

Technological change is swift and radical. To truly be apart of the fourth industrial revolution, you need clear concise documentation along with your green initiatives.

Looking for Solutions

There are no panaceas as we look through the 21st century and beyond. Let us embark on that journey together.


Experience Counts

With a background in technical writing for software companies, journalism and marketing, I can help you to explain and push messages to do with climate change, green technology, and similar subject matter. 

Jonathan Wexler

Technical Writer

I have always been a writer since my days editing at the student newspaper at Montreal’s Dawson College for which I won the most prestigious award in the school The Gallagher Award. I also wrote a technology column there which blossomed into a career in technical communication. I always had a concern, though, that things weren’t quite right, something which seems to have been born out with climate change unfortunately. I continue to write, design and program as I search for new opportunities back in line with my ideals.

Philosophy and Approach


Of course traditionally business set out to make the most money possible and maximize shareholder value.

With you, and along with the US Business Roundtable, I extend an invitation to take a step back and reevaluate your whole business situation.

We all want to leave a better earth for our children, so why not build sustainability and resiliency into the core of your business?

I take this circular economy mindset into any job I embark on, all the while providing the top notch service your business deserves.